The Bow Fighters is a duel between two archers where accuracy is everything. Will you be victorious and survive? Time's running out before you freeze in spot!

(In case the game is lagging or stuttering, please turn on your browser's Hardware Acceleration option in the settings)


  • Movement - WASD / Arrow Keys
  • Firing - Aiming is where the mouse pointer is
  • Power generation - Click and drag to generate power

Game Engine used: Cocos Creator v3.7.2.

This game was developed for the Gamedev.js Jam 2023. We use the theme of "Time" by implementing Turn Based Combat - where you must position yourself and fire before the time runs out.
We are submitting it for the extra challenges of Open Source by GitHub and Flash Revival by CrazyGames for which our game was highly influenced by the old flash game Bowman

GitHub repository -

Things we've planned for the game's future:

  • Add pause and tutorial functionality.
  • Add mobile touch controls.
  • Powerups that spawn and can be collected by firing your arrows through it.
  • Local Multiplayer.
  • Online Multiplayer.

The developers:


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